Lamyong Vegan Salted Fish 250g

Lamyong Vegan Salted Fish 250g


    Ingredients: Filtered Water, Soya Bean Protein, Starch, Vegetarian Oil (Palm Oil), Seaweed, Sugar, Salt, Vegetarian Spices.
    * Contains Soya and Wheat.*
    No Onion and Garlic

    Storage: Keep frozen -18 ℃

    Product of Malaysia

    Method: Eggplant with Vegan Salted Fish

    1. Cut the Vegan Salted Fish into dice cubes; cut the eggplant into blocks ; then the quickfry the vegetarian salted fish and eggplant.

    2. Green pepper, red pepper, washed& diced

    3. Add a little oil to the pot, sauté the ginger, vegetarian salted fish, add eggplant, green pepper, red pepper, then add seasoning and stir-fry and you can serve

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